Yamaha YZ85 Fenders / Number Plates / Plastic Kits

The Yamaha YZ85 is a bike for younger riders and beginners, so wrecks are inevitable. If you need replacement plastic, we have the best prices for you here, all in one place. Polisport has a plastic kit for your use if you want OEM replica pieces. The kit comes with front and rear fenders, side panels, and radiator shrouds. They have been manufactured with durable gloss polypropylene (DGP), and injection molded for a perfect fit. All of the pieces are also pre-drilled for an easy installation.

UFO Plastics has a plastic kit for your YZ85, or you can pick and choose the pieces you want. If you go with the kit, you will get a front and rear fender, radiator shrouds, and side panels. The kits are pre-drilled, and have been created to OEM specs, so installation is a breeze. They are available in blue and white. UFO also has chain guides, chain sliders, fork sliders, front number plates, front fenders, mud flaps, radiator covers, rear fenders, and side panels available separately, and most are available in blue, black, and white.