Yamaha YZ250 Engines / Parts

Yamaha YZ250 Engine Parts

Whether you are riding on a trail or racing on a track, bikes take a beating. If you need replacement parts for your YZ250 engine, you’ve come to the right place. There are many companies that create aftermarket pistons, cylinders, rods, crankshafts, and other parts for you to use to enhance your bike or replace broken parts.

Wiseco has been around for decades, and has the parts to prove it. They have developed advanced technology that creates the strongest pistons in the industry. Wiseco pistons are made of condensed grain, and forged into one piece, making them extremely durable. Wiseco crankshafts and connecting rods have been innovatively engineered also, being made from dedicated forgings. The rods are also double forged, giving them tremendous strength and durability. Shot peening eliminates residual stress while oil slots maximize lower rod oiling and lengthen bearing life.

Hot Rods also makes a crankshaft assembly for your YZ250. This factory produced assembly has been manufactured to OEM specs, and is ready for installation. It comes with a Hot Rods connecting rod, and can be re-built with other Hot Rods connecting rods.