Yamaha WR450F Graphic Kits

Graphics can make any bike look better, especially if it has been beat up some. Yamaha has their GYTR Blue Flow Graphics Kit that comes with tank, radiator shroud, and airbox decals if you want that Yamaha look and feel but different graphics than what came stock. This blue, white, and silver design looks very professional, fast, and stylish.

Factory Effex has two graphics kits for you to choose from, as well as swingarm graphics. Their EVO 5 Series kit has radiator shroud, tank, and fender graphics that, with their blue and white design, make your bike look fast just sitting still. The EVO 6 kit includes tank and radiator shrouds. This blue, white, black, and silver design will give you that factory racer look. Add Factory Effex Swingarm graphics to any of these kits and you will have a finished product. These graphics have been back-printed on scratch-resistant 16 mm Ultracurve vinyl. They are extra thick, making them impact resistant.