Other Yamaha YZ450F Parts

Yamaha YZ450F Parts

Any motocross rider knows that their bikes take a beating, and parts aren't cheap. Chains, sprockets, foot pegs, handlebars, radiators, and many other parts can need replaced, so that’s why we have the best deals on your replacement parts in one easy place. Check out these awesome OEM and after market products from companies like Pro Taper, MSR Racing, Renthal, DID, Moose Racing, Wiseco and more!

Footpegs can take a beating, or may be uncomfortable for your size or riding style. Fastway has a great series of footpegs that are incredibly versatile. The Evolution II F-Series is constructed from 17/4 stainless steel, has a large platform, and features a set of patented threaded cleats. They can be adjusted to suit any traction needs or riding styles. This series of footpegs also has a patent pending Universal Collar System that lets you choose either Standard or Lowboy height positions. If you need them in the Lowboy position, 2006-2008 YZ450Fs need additional mounting hardware. A Fast Kamber Mounting System (FKMS) also allows you to adjust the tilt of the footpegs.

If you do a lot of woods riding, skid plates, pipe guards and hand guards are probably some of your best friends. Flatland Racing, Works connection, and LightSpeed Performance products will protect your bike without adding much weight. TM Designworks has a rear disc guard for your YZ450F that is indestructible and doesn’t add weight to the wheel. This patented guard gives impact protection to the front and side, and has a Return Memory System that allows the guard to absorb a great amount of impact without snapping off the mounting tab, which is what most aluminum guards do. The TM Designworks guard also features induction slots to move air and cool the rear disc, even in racing conditions.