Yamaha YZ250F Engines / Parts

Wiseco Titanium Engine Valves have been forged into one piece, making them more durable, and therefore more reliable, than OEM valves. These Titanium valves are much lighter than your typical OEM valves, as well. Lastly, they have been CVD/CNI coated, reducing heat and friction. Hot Cams has a very convenient Valve Shim Kit, eliminating the need to take your bike to a mechanic to get the valves shimmed. The Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit for your YZ250F has three 7.48mm OD shims in each size from 1.20mm to 3.50, in .05mm increments.

If a high performance piston kit is what you are after, Moose Racing has what you are looking for. This innovative piston has x-style forgings that add durability and reduce weight. A full-radius dome design maximizes quench and eliminates “hot spots” that can cause detonation. The kit comes with a piston, wrist pin, rings, circlips, and a gasket kit.