Other Yamaha WR250F Parts

Boyesen Engineering has some great aftermarket parts for your wr that will really help you out. Their Patented Quickshot 3 is an accelerator pump cover that increases fuel capacity by a staggering 25%. Stock pumps only allow a 60-70% fuel charge in the pump chamber, resulting in hesitation, bog, and tuning problems. The Quickshot 3 completely fills the pump chamber, gets rid of air, and gives an adjustable leak jet circuit that allows for easy hand tuning. All of this results in instant throttle response and an improved lower end of performance. A high volume vertical check valve has been implemented for reliable fuel metering.

Boyesen Engineering also has a SuperCooler water pump kit that has been created to enhance the cooling system in your engine. This aluminum investment cast water pump cover and impeller combo increases the flow of coolant, allowing your engine to run at a more constant, cooler temperature. Since your engine runs at a cooler, more consistent temp, it will have a much longer life.