Other Yamaha WR450F Parts

Fork components can wear down and strip you and your bike of the suspension performance you need. Replacement OEM parts can be very expensive, and that’s where Pivot Works comes in. Pivot Works has a Fork Rebuild Kit that is not only less expensive than OEM parts, but will also make the suspension perform better than it was with the stock parts. This lifesaving kit comes with all the seals, dirt scrapers, upper and lower Teflon bushings, and O-rings that you will need to rebuild your fork.

A good foot peg can be a big help when it comes to going riding, especially when it’s on the trails. Moose Racing Pro Footpegs are a great addition thanks to their tough construction and special shape. These pegs have been made from cast, heat treated and hardened 17-4 stainless steel. They have a larger, slightly convex platform with serrated teeth so that you have better grip when leaning forward and back.

If you are looking for an all-around increase in power, the iKat Spark Amplifier is available. This innovative aftermarket part not only increases power under load, throttle response, and torque, but it also reduces engine temperature and improves fuel consumption. Lastly, the iKat Spark Amplifier also reduces exhaust emissions, making your bike more Earth friendly.