Yamaha YZ250 Exhaust Systems

If you are looking to increase the power in your YZ250, changing your exhaust pipe and muffler can do just that. Many different types of exhaust pipes are on the market, and we have the best prices on these pipes already laid out for you. Pro Circuit and FMF are extremely popular among experienced riders, and for good reason.

Pro Circuit has an amazing Platinum 2 exhaust pipe that has been manufactured out of 18-gauge metal, increasing protection from debris and crashes. The Platinum 2 gives more performance across the board, but especially in the low and mid-ranges, which helps immensely on tight tracks.

The FMF Gold Series Fatty Pipe is great, especially if you are an enduro rider. The powerband will be wider, and overall power is increased as well. Throttle response is also heightened when using this FMF pipe that has been made of 19-gauge steel and a nickel-plated finish.

FMF also has an SST model in their Gold Series. The Gold Series SST gives you an incredible boost across the entire powerband of your YZ250. The unique, patented shape of the SST where the back chamber meets the stinger section allows it to use sonic waves to increase the horsepower. The silencer junction and the diameter of the pipe are also different than most other models. Not only are the sonic waves changed, but also the backpressure and exhaust gas temperature. All of these changes create more general power, and a better throttle response. The SST pipe is also chrome plated, so it will look awesome and last a long time.