Yamaha YZ450F Engines / Parts

Yamaha YZ450F Engines

The Yamaha YZ450F is comprised of only the best parts, and you can find the best prices on these replacement parts here. From valves and valve shim kits to piston kits and crankshaft assemblies, MTS has you covered. Titanium engine valves from Wiseco have been forged together in one piece, making them stronger and more dependable than OEM products that have been pieced together. They have also been CVD/CNI coated, decreasing heat and friction.

A valve shim kit from Hot Cams can be used so that you don’t have to spend a lot of extra money taking your bike to a mechanic. In this kit comes three 9.48mm OD shims in each .05mm increment from 1.20mm to 3.50in. As for piston kits, Moose Racing has an innovative kit that was made right here in the US. The Moose Racing pistons have “x” style forgings that increase strength and stability while decreasing weight, and a full-radius dome design that eliminates hot spots.

Hot Rods has a Crankshaft Assembly for your YZ450F. This assembly comes complete with a connecting rod and is ready for your installation. It has been factory assembled and will meet or exceed OEM parts in performance. The Hot Rods Crankshaft Assembly comes in standard as well as stroke sizes for nearly every model.