Other Yamaha PW50 Parts

Yamaha PW50 Parts

Wiseco has developed advanced technology that allows them to create the strongest pistons in the industry. Why not put their great parts in your PW? Wiseco’s pistons are made of condensed grain and forged into one piece, making them exceptionally durable. Wiseco crankshafts and connecting rods have also been innovatively engineered, and are made from dedicated forgings. The rods are double forged, giving them tremendous strength and durability. Shot peening eliminates residual stress, while oil slots maximize lower rod oiling and lengthen bearing life.

All Balls Racing has a Crankshaft Bearing and Seal Kit for your PW. This kit includes right and left Koyo and Nachi bearings, as well as all outer seals that your 2stroke will need. The crankshaft seals have a carbon/fluorocarbon seal lip and stainless steel garter springs, which reduce dry start friction, therefore also reducing crank pin wear.

If you are looking for graphics for your PW50, AMR Racing has Premium Graphics that you’ll love. They are digitally printed with UV resistant ink, and are guaranteed not to fade for up to five years. The digital process allows more than sixteen million colors to be created, instead of the three or four that silk-screening allows. The graphics are printed on very thick, clear vinyl over-laminate protection, and 3M brand adhesive ensures that you won’t have to worry about peeling.