Yamaha PW50 Bikes

Yamaha PW50

Yamaha’s smallest dirt bike, the PW50, is an automatic two-stroke machine with a single-speed transmission that has been engineered with the smallest of riders in mind. The seat of this 49cc, 85 pound bike is only 19 inches from the ground, allowing even three-year olds to ride it. It also has an adjustable throttle stop screw, which gives parents absolute control on how fast the bike will go.

Since the PW50 was made with kids in mind, it has a great, smooth ride, and an appropriate braking system. A 22mm telescopic front fork gives 2.4 inches of travel, while the dual rear shocks provide 2 inches, ensuring a smooth ride. Drum brakes in the front and rear give the rider stopping power that they can predict. The exhaust pipe has been routed in a way that keeps it away from the rider, eliminating possible leg burns. Lastly, large, folding foot-pegs complete with rubber grips ensure excellent grip.