Yamaha YZ85 Bikes

2013 Yamaha YZ85

The smallest of Yamaha’s motocross bikes, the YZ85, has a liquid-cooled 84.7cc reed-valve-inducted six-speed two-stroke engine. This 156 pound bike is the perfect bike for small expert riders, or big novices. It is light, easy to maneuver, and has the right amount of power. The rear suspension used on the YZ85 is fully adjustable, allowing a wide range to suit different levels of riders.

Some of the innovative parts that Yamaha has used to decrease the weight of this model include an ultra-rigid, single-backbone, semi-double-cradle frame, a lightweight exhaust system, radiator and water pump. Maintenance is also easier on the YZ85 due to the use of a two-piece clutch cover, a separate transmission oil filler opening, wider fuel tank cap and opening.

The power and size of this bike aren’t the only attributes that make this bike a great one for beginners. Wider footpegs are used on the YZ85 which increase grip and comfort. Also, 220mm front disc brakes and 190mm rear disc brakes with stainless steel rotors make sure you can stop when you need to.