Other Yamaha YZ250 Parts

Yamaha YZ250 Parts

Your bike chain can snap, ending your ride right then and there. Companies like Bikemaster, DID, MSR Racing, Renthal, Tsubaki, and Western Power Sports have produced a wide variety of chains for you to choose from. Renthal is an aftermarket parts leader, and they have a 520 R3-2 O-Ring Chain for your YZ. They have re-energized this chain, giving it a ten percent longer life, and increased its overall strength. The average tensile strength of this R3-2 is 7,644 pounds.

DID specializes in mx chains, and their 520VM Gold Premium X-Ring Chain is a beast. Special oil seals produce way less friction than a standard o-ring chain, and have at least a fifty percent longer life. This alloy steel, pre-stretched chain has an extended riveted bushing anti-kink design, and an average tensile strength of 8,120 pounds.

A skid plate can be a life saver when riding out in the wilderness. Works Connection has a strong, high grade skid plate for your YZ250. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, this skid plate is very strong, but won’t add a lot of weight to your bike. An access hole has been pre-drilled into the skid plate, allowing you to change the oil with the plate still in place. Other great deals on replacement parts such as sprockets, foot pegs, and handlebars can be found here, as well.