Yamaha YZ85 Engines / Parts

Performance modifications can give you the extra boost you need, even on the smallest of bikes. Moto Tassinari has a VForce3 reed valve system that not only increases horsepower and acceleration, but their technology allows for longer reed petal life. The reed tip surface has been doubled compared to a typical reed design, allowing the petals to open half as far, but give the same amount of air to the engine. This also allows the valve to significantly improve the powerband, with a huge boost in the bottom and mid levels.

ProX also has replacement engine parts for your YZ85. Their pistons have been manufactured from low-expansion, low-friction piston alloy on the most state-of-the-art CNC equipment around. ProX Piston Kits come complete and ready to install with piston rings, a wrist pin, and circlips.

Wiseco has developed an innovative technology that allows them to create the strongest pistons in the industry. These pistons are produced with condensed grain, and forged into one piece, making them extremely strong and reliable. They also have crankshafts and connecting rods that are made from dedicated forgings. The rods are also double forged, making them extremely durable.

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