Yamaha WR450F Engines / Parts

Yamaha WR450F Engines

PC Racing has a great Reusable FLO Stainless Steel Oil Filter that is produced from laser cut, medical grade, 304 Stainless Steel micronic filter cloth. This innovative design will filter out things as small as thirty-five microns, about three-times smaller than most paper or brass filters. The filter also has a welded pleat seam that will withstand up to 600 degrees. The filter will not only hold up in extreme heat, but also cold, and when water is involved. Lastly, this innovative steel design helps keep old, paper filters out of the land fills.

Check out Wiseco’s Cam Chain. It’s made from top quality materials that reduce friction and increase the life of the chain. Since it’s an “M” style chain, it gives you extreme strength and durability. The engineering behind this cam chain gives it specifications and tolerances that exceed OEM. If your WR’s engine isn’t sealed tight, it won’t perform. Aftermarket top end gasket kits are made of the best materials and come complete with the head and base gaskets needed to rebuild the top end.

If aftermarket clutch parts are what you are after, you have come to the right place. Hinson Racing has a Billet Clutch Basket and a High Performance Clutch Kit for your WR450F. The Billet Clutch Basket is produced using billet T-6 aluminum, and is hard-coated for five-times more wear resistance than the typical stock basket. Its innovative design and production guarantees that none of the clutch fingers will be broken. Clutch pull is eased on most bikes, heat dissipation is enhanced, and clutch life is lengthened. They come with button-type screws so that you can easily mount the new basket to the stock gear.