Yamaha YZ85 Clutch Baskets / Plates / Kits

Barnett Performance has a clutch basket for your YZ85 that has been produced from billet aluminum, with replaceable patented stainless steel inserts that prevent grooves from being dug into the basket. Special windows have also been cut into the basket allowing oil to flow into the clutch plates. This causes cooler operating temperatures and therefore longer clutch life.

Barnett also has cyro plates, which are aluminum plates that have been processed at negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit for improved performance. Deep Cryogenic Tempering greatly increases resistance to wear, as well as lengthens the life of the plate. Once the plates have been Crydized, they are hard anodized for even more durability. Once all is said and done, these plates are about a third of the weight of a typical steel plate, giving you better throttle response.

If better clutch pull is what you are after, Hinson Racing’s Billet Clutch Basket is available as well, and the best prices will be found right here. These baskets improve clutch performance and head dissipation, and are said to have longer life. They are produced from billet T-6 aluminum, and have a hard coating that will give five times longer wear resistance than your stock basket.