Yamaha YZ250 Clutch Baskets / Plate / Kits

Yamaha YZ250 Clutch

Clutches take a lot of stress, often they need to be upgraded for a smoother, more powerful ride. Whatever the case, you will find replacement clutch parts for your YZ250 here. Yamaha uses their own GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing) parts that come standard on the majority of their models. GYTR Clutch parts have been produced from aerospace-quality aluminum alloy. A hard coating also extends the life of these parts. A patent-pending auto oiling system forces oil through the pressure plate, into the inner hub, and into the clutch plates, improving performance, lowering the temperature of the clutch, and therefore extending the life of the clutch.

Wiseco produces some excellent clutch parts for your YZ, too. Their Clutch Basket has been forged from strong but lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. Weight reducing relief cuts on the outside diameter of the basket lowers the centrifugal force, increasing overall engine acceleration. The baskets have been hard anodized, eliminating wear, giving it a long, smooth life. A Teflon coating seals the basket, creating a nearly frictionless surface for the clutch disks to glide. Lastly, oiling holes in the basket tabs increase lubrication, reducing heat and weight. Wiseco also offers Friction Clutch Plates and Steel Clutch Plates, both of which are produced to OEM specs with the durability of aftermarket parts.