Other Yamaha TT-R230 Parts

Yamaha TT-R230 Parts

ProX makes high quality valves for the TT-R230 that exceed OEM specifications when it comes to reliability. They are made using forged, one-piece titanium alloy with integrated micro structures for added strength in areas that need it. The innovative Ti3Al alloy also gives exceptional strength and durability at high temperatures. A special coating has been implemented for considerably lower friction when the valve has contact with other parts.

EBC Brakes has a Dirt Racer Clutch Rebuild Kit for your Yamaha TT-R230. This kit comes with a complete set of friction plates and pin planished steel plates, as well as upgraded clutch springs. The alloy article impregnated clutch facings used in this kit are specific to EBC, and are made to have longer wear and resist burning. The pin planished steel plates spread oil around the clutch, putting a stop to clutch burn-ups. The slightly heavier weight of the steel plates causes a flywheel effect, which in turn improves performance.