Yamaha YZ250F Bikes

The Yamaha YZ250F was introduced in 2001, and was the first 250cc four-stroke bike. This ground-breaking bike originally had a steel frame and aluminum sub-frame, but this was changed to a lighter all-aluminum frame in 2006. As with any bike, continuous improvement is necessary.

2008 brought about an increased compression ratio and therefore revised carburetor and ignition. Mechanical noise was decreased by adjusting gear backlash, and handling was increased thanks to changes in the shape of the outer fork tubes and lower triple clamp and fork internals revision. Many other subtle changes were implemented in the 2009 model in order to lighten the weight of the bike even more. New brakes, as well as improved power and handling make this bike a great one to ride.

Yamaha went innovative for the 2010 YZ250F. Like on the 2010 YZ450F, an all new aluminum bilateral beam frame was used, making the rider closer to the front wheel, allowing for exceptional balance and handling. Many other new parts were added to the YZ250F, including a straight intake boot, new carburetor, and redesigned valve train components. The exhaust system was also redesigned, giving the bike a new D-shaped port, increasing throttle response.

Because of the new bilateral beam frame, the KYB suspension was recalibrated and tuned to ensure proper handling. In addition to the frame, engine, and suspension upgrades, the clutch got some work done, as well. The new clutch got a stronger and wider range of engagement, and a recalibrated actuation arm cam ratio made the pulling of the clutch lever lighter, giving the rider an advantage out of the gate.

Yamaha's continuous work on being the leader in innovative thinking made the 2010 YZ250F a bike with amazing balance, great handling, and incredible performance qualities.