Yamaha YZ125 Graphic Kits

Yamaha YZ125 Graphics

If you want graphics that make your bike look like a tattooed piece of machinery, AMR Racing is your new best friend. They have only been around a few years, but have technology and innovation that makes you think they’ve been around for decades. Each graphics package is digitally printed using UV resistant ink that will not fade for at least five years. AMR has a Patent Pending digital process that allows them to create up to 16.5 million colors, as compared to the three or four colors that the typical screen printing allows. They also use the thickest layer of clear vinyl, and genuine 3M adhesive that will give you the protection and long life that you deserve.

Many pro mx riders have chosen to go with One Industries for graphics, so if you want to go for a “pro” style, we have some options for you as well. One Industries has some killer graphics kits that promote such brands as DC Shoe, Monster Energy, and Alpinestars. Depending on the kit you choose, they may come with just a radiator shroud, or may include only decals.