Yamaha YZ450F Clutch Baskets / Plates / Kits

Yamaha YZ450f Clutch Kits

Have a Yamaha YZ450F with a slipping clutch? Look no further for the best deals on clutch parts for your bike. Whether you need an entire clutch kit, or just a basket, we have you covered. If you are in need of a whole new clutch kit, Hinson Racing has a great High Performance Clutch Kit available that includes fiber and steel clutch plates and springs. This kit has been produced according to OEM specifications, allowing it to be used with OEM baskets, inner hubs, and pressure plates, however it has been developed with the intention of enhancing performance of other Hinson clutch products.

Hinson Racing also has a Billet Clutch Basket available for your YZ450F. These clutch baskets improve performance and can last longer than other models. They are produced from billet T-6 aluminum, and hard-coated for longer wear. This innovative, American made clutch basket guards against finger breaking, improves heat dissipation, and eases clutch pull on most bikes.

If you are simply looking for friction clutch plates, Wiseco has a set available that is designed to be used with stock components or other Wiseco parts. They have been produced exactly to OEM specifications, and give long life and performance without compromising strength.