Yamaha WR450F Clutch Baskets / Plates / Kits

Yamaha WR450F Clutch Kits

Your Yamaha WR450F comes stock with GYTR clutch components including a GYTR Billet Clutch Basket and Billet Clutch Pressure Plate. These components have been precision produced using aerospace-quality aluminum alloys with an exclusive hard coating. Excellent performance is the result of this combination, as well as durable components. Yamaha’s patent-pending auto oiling system pushes oil through special holes in the pressure plate to the inner hub and then to the clutch plates. Clutch performance is enhanced, clutch temperatures lowered, and clutch life extended.

If you want to upgrade your OEM clutch components, Hinson Racing has a Billet Clutch Basket for your WRF. This American made basket is manufactured from billet T-6 aluminum and then a hard coating is added for five more times the wear resistance of stock components. The Hinson basket will ease clutch pull on most bikes, as well as increase heat dissipation and performance.

Whether you use stock clutch components, or those from Hinson Racing, Hinson Racing also has a High Performance Clutch Kit that comes with both fiber and steel clutch plates and springs. These plates have been produced from high quality materials, and manufactured to OEM specs, making them compatible with OEM baskets, inner hubs, and pressure plates.