Yamaha YZ125 Bikes

Yamaha YZ125

Introduced in 1974, the Yamaha YZ125 had an air-cooled engine and 32mm Mikuni carburetor. This changed in 1981 when the engines became liquid-cooled. Now, the bike sports a 38mm Mikuni TMX carburetor which provides amazing throttle response and horsepower. The six-speed, close-ratio transmission provides optimal performance, as well. Primary kick-starting allows for an easy restart in any gear.

Yamaha's YZ125 is a light, easy-to-handle two-stroke dirt bike that is already ready to race when it comes off the showroom floor. The YZ125 has gotten a lot lighter over the years thanks to a now aluminum frame, light and compact 124cc engine, aluminum handlebar, titanium footpegs, and a new aluminum front brake hose clamp. The patented YPVS power-valve system and a reed-valve spacer provide the rider with a fast-accelerating bottom-end, a strong mid-range, and an even stronger top-end.

The Yamaha YZ125 has a Digital CDI ignition system that monitors the engine speed, ensuring precise spark timing, and therefore a great throttle response, even when in a hard acceleration zone. Whether out racing in the professional level or just putting around on a trail, the YZ125 is sure to be kept at a cool temperature. It features a large-capacity radiator that has a 10-row core with four louvers, delivering max efficiency at all levels.

The YZ125's front brake caliper is modeled off of the YZ250F, and when paired with wave-style front and rear discs, unsprung weight is minimized, giving you tremendous stopping power. A Speed-Sensitive System 48mm KYB fork allows the damping force to be controlled by piston speed, ensuring a smoother ride. The rear shock is a fully adjustable KYB shock with a titanium shock spring that provides 12.4 inches of travel. This shock system has a separate adjuster for high or low-speed compression damping, allowing you to get excellent rear-wheel control. The YZ125 also has exceptional handling thanks to an innovative aluminum frame and swingarm.

Over the years, Yamaha has redesigned the YZ125, making it more ergonomic and therefore more comfortable to ride. It now has a specially designed gripper style seat and fuel tank, a forward-canted steering crown, and a low ProTaper handlebar, which all provide a wider range of movement, and a more comfortable ride.