Yamaha YZ125 Clutch Baskets / Plates / Kits

Quality clutch parts are important for the dedicated, or even the not-so-dedicated rider. Hinson Racing has a line of clutch parts that will increase your performance, including a clutch basket with kickstarter gear, an inner hub, a pressure plate, a fiber plate kit, and a steel plate kit. Their parts, with the exception of the fiber and steel plates, have been produced from billet T-6 aircraft quality aluminum and anadized for five times the wear resistance. These strong, long-lasting parts will improve your performance, as well as the life of your clutch.

Wiseco also has a basket and plate kits for your YZ125. Their clutch basket was produced from a strong, lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. They have been hard anodized for a longer life, and a Teflon coating was added to give a nearly frictionless place for the discs to slide. Wiseco clutch plates, both Friction and Steel sets, have been manufactured to OEM specifications, so they can be used with any basket.