Yamaha WR450F Exhaust Systems

Yamaha WR450F Exhaust

You have many aftermarket exhaust options for your WR450F. Dr. D has an excellent Stainless Steel Exhaust System with a Spark Arrested Aluminum Silencer that will give you the performance enhancements that you want. This system has a Stainless Steel header and mid pipe, Aluminum muffler, and a lightweight Magnesium end cap. Springs, and therefore added weight, are a thing of the past for this model because of its welded construction. The inlet cap features removable bolts, ensuring easy repacking. This system also comes with a removable USFS Approved Spark Arrestor Screen, and meets all AMA 99db sound requirements.

Pro Circuit has Titanium and Stainless Steel head pipes for your WR450F. Both models are hand-built into a special shape that helps to improve performance, especially in the low to mid-range. The Stainless Steel header will give you the performance you are after, for less money. The Titanium header, however, will give you excellent performance, lower the weight of your bike, and have a longer life.