Yamaha WR250F Fenders / Plastic Kits

Some great companies have designed replacement plastic for your WR250F. Acerbis and UFO have the largest variety of pieces for your bike. Acerbis has front and rear fenders, front number plates, side panels, radiator shrouds, and air box mud flaps, as well as an entire plastic kit. The kit is available in white or blue, and come with front and rear fenders, side panels, and radiator scoops. All of these pieces have great durability and a great look. They have been pre-drilled so they are easily installed to stock locations.

UFO has produced some great looking and protective plastic parts for your bike. These parts include a chain guide, fork guards, a front fender, radiator covers, a rear fender with an LED light, a rear shock mud plate, side panels, and a swingarm chain slider. These awesome parts come in either blue, black, or white.

Cycra has one piece that will fit your WRF. Their mud flap has been injection molded for a precise fit and great finish. It is wider than the typical stock mud flap, so it gives more protection to the rear shock.