Yamaha YZ250 Bikes

2013 Yamaha YZ250

The Yamaha YZ250 has been around for decades, since its introduction in 1974, and just keeps getting faster. This 249cc liquid-cooled reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine with Yamaha’s patented Power Valve System (YPVS) exhaust valve offers a wide spread of power that includes about 50 horsepower and about 30 foot-pounds of torque. The YPVS system allows the bike to produce hard-hitting acceleration in the bottom end, a strong mid-range, and an ultra-fast top end. Carbon fiber reed-valve petals increase throttle response and engine performance across the entire power band.

The YZ250s radiator has a larger capacity than the typical bike, and it has a ten-row core and four louvers that provide the best cooling efficiency. The 38mm Keihin PWK carburetor has a power jet and throttle position sensor (TPS) that produces the perfect air/fuel mixture, therefore increasing throttle response.

The bike as a whole has gotten much lighter over the years, especially with help from the now aluminum frame. The swingarm on the YZ250 is now aluminum, as well, making for the best handling 250cc bike. The rear subframe has been produced using square-section aluminum tubing, and can be removed. A rear KYB shock is used on the new YZ250 because of its extremely light titanium shock spring, internal reduced-friction Kashima coating, and the ability to be fully adjustable. It provides 12.4 inches of movement, has separate adjusters for high or low speed compression damping, and a full lock oil rebound system.

The YZ250 has been ridden by many champions, both in racing and freestyle riding. “The King” of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath won the 1998, 1999, and 2000 AMA Supercross championships on a Chaparral Yamaha YZ250. Freestyle heros Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg and Nate Adams, among others, perform their aerial tricks on the YZ250, as well.

The YZ250 comes stock with an aluminum ProTaper handlebar, lightweight titanium footpegs, and a gripper seat and tank. The 21inch front Excel rim and 19inch rear Excel rim are very reliable, lightweight, and provide great handling, suspension, and performance. With all of the exceptional features of the YZ 250, its ready to race straight from the factory.