Other Yamaha YZ85 Parts

Spark amplifiers can do a lot of good for your bike, wallet, and environment. The iKat Spark Amplifier not only increases power, torque, and throttle response, but it also reduces the temperature of your engine. In addition to all of this, the amplifier will decrease the amount of fuel your bike uses, and also reduce exhaust emissions. This is a great part addition all around.

Protecting your frame from all sides is important, particularly for a beginner. LightSpeed Performance has some awesome carbon fiber guards for your YZ85, and these include a frame guard and a glide plate. LightSpeed uses a carbon fiber-epoxy resin compound that has been produced to exact aerospace specifications. This compound is used for its light weight and massive strength.

If your swingarm needs protection from chain wear, UFO Plastics has a Chain Slider that will give you all the protection that you need. This plastic slider lasts longer than any stock slider, and is easily installed using your stock hardware.