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Yamaha has a bike for riders of all ages and stages, beginning with the PW 50. This bike is a two-stroke designed for children, with an automatic transmission and an adjustable throttle stop screw so parents can determine the fastest they want the bike to go. Riders of about age three can begin on this small bike. There is also a TT-R50E, which is basically a four-stroke version of the PW 50.

For beginner or intermediate riders, the TT-R230 is a great four-stroke model. This bike has a 223cc air-cooled engine, a push-button electric starter, and a lightweight exhaust and muffler. Maintenance is minimal with the addition of a CDI magneto ignition system, automatic cam chain tensioner, and an air filter that is modeled after the YZ.

The YZ85, YZ125, YZ250, YZ250F, and YZ450F make up their motocross racing line. For years Yamaha's lightweight, innovative designs have made them the manufacturer of choice for motocross racers like Bob "Hurricane" Hannah and Jeremy McGrath.